At ADC Enterprises, the root of our success as a leading provider of products and services for retailers is simply our mission itself: to make better things and make things better for our clients.

Since the day of our founding in 2004, ADC has continually sought to improve its ability to provide incredible value to a growing roster of retailer and distributor clients. Today, growing portfolio of high-quality, recognizable brands and products are enabling small retailers across the country to better compete with their massive counterparts, and better serve their customer base.

As we further expand our offerings and diversify our portfolio, it’s my promise that our mission will never falter. We will continue to seek ways to improve the quality and marketability of our roster of brands and products. We will continue to build partnerships and trust with the organizations we serve. And we will continue to find avenues of expediency to deliver new, novel, and high-demand products to distributors and retailers.

I’m so very proud of the people at ADC who’ve worked tirelessly towards our mission, and moved ADC into its pivotal role in the marketplace. The future is bright for both our company, and the partners we’re dedicated to serve.

Tamas Malacsina
President / CEO
ADC Enterprises Inc.